Friday, August 16, 2013

A Reggae Fever

I and my brother talking about Reggae singer Bob Marley this last few days. And he asked me to teach him to do crochet and he want a reggae hat. I made two reggae hat for my FB store in crochet and knitting. I will post his work here soon. I also wrote a pattern on the knitted hat. I'm afraid that I can't write a pattern on crochet because it's hard for me to write a crochet pattern and I don't know why.
Knitted Reggae Hat


Download PDF here download now

DK Yarn in yellow, red and green
2.75mm circular needle
4mm circular needle
4mm dp needles
tapestry needle

Using smaller needle cast on 90 stitches. Join in round be careful not to twist.
work on k1 p1 for 7 rounds

Switch to larger needle and color of yarn
Knit one round
K1 p1 for 5 rounds
reapet this with another color unlit you reach 8 inches from the brim of the hat.

switch to dp needle if you feel the difficulty when the number of stitches decreases
Round 1: K7, Ktog
Round 2: K6, Ktog
Round 3: K5, Ktog
Round 4: K4, Ktog
Round 5: K3, Ktog
Cut the yarn about 5 inches and remove your needle from the stitches. insert the tapestry
needle in each of the stitches and pull through and secure it.

Now your hat is done. Enjoy your hat!

A Crochet Reggae Hat

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